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Is IMAX VR the Ultimate VR Experience? For over 45 years, IMAX was synonymous for the ultimate experience in the art of film. Today, IMAX believes in VR as the future of the movie theaters.

Microsoft Makes VR Drone Fight Simulator Available on GitHub Microsoft has introduced an open source virtual reality toolkit for the training of autonomous drones. The beta software became available on GitHub last week. The toolkit is designed to allow developers to "teach" drones how to navigate the real worl

Dubai Brings Conservation Efforts To Life With VR Zoo Share TweetWevr’s theBlu featured at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. Fresh off of a successful collaboration with the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, Wevr is taking its award-winning immersive experience, theBlu, across the globe to the Dub

VR marketing: Put on your damn headset (VB Live) VR isn't just a disrupter - - it's an earthquake reshaping the marketing landscape, with industry giants like Lexus, McDonald's, Beefeater, and Chik-fil-A bringing virtual reality marketing to the mainstream. Join today's VR innovators in this VB Liv

Porting Hyrule into VRChat This weekend I got a small taste of how VR could impact communication on a game changing level. Long story short, I 3D modeled a world, uploaded it to my account and explored it with people from al...

Experience Weightless VR With This Waterproof Headset Share TweetImmersive underwater VR is just a headset and two water wings away. Imagine the sensation of effortlessly floating past the International Space Station as you drift through outerspace in zero gravity. Picture yourself bobbing on the surfac

FALLOUT 4 VR’ Is Shaping Up Nicely Fallout 4 VR is “going great”, according to Bethesda Softworks studio boss Todd Howard. “There’s a lot of work to be done, but it’s super exciting. We are doing the whole game,” he told Glixel of F...

Virtual Reality: Sword Art Online Virtual reality is becoming all too common in this day and age, before technology allowed the concept to become reality, they idea has been played out in film and TV. One show that captured the con...

Google’s incredible Tilt Brush VR app is now on Oculus Rift Tilt Brush, one of the most fun, immersive, and impressive virtual reality tech demos for the HTC Vive, has arrived on that other VR platform. Porting the app, which lets you paint and create artwork in 3D space inside the VR world, to Oculus Rift wa

Tencent invests $3M in AR contact lens startup Innovega The Deal Innovega, based in Bellevue, WA, has raised a $3 million funding round from Tencent, the Chinese tech giant. After flying under the radar for the past several years, Innovega is coming clo...

Google Cardboard Leads Headset Shipments, Gear VR Takes Revenue Top Spot Reports Strategy Analytics Today Strategy Analytics released its report “VR Headset Platform Market Share Year End 2016” which showcased Google’s cheap and cheerful Cardboard headset at number one, but also showed that Samsung Gear VR took first place in terms of revenue

The Future of Mixed Reality Videos Could Be Your Face Share TweetUPDATE 2/21/16 9:38AM PST: The full video was deleted from YouTube shortly after we published this article. A short clip can be viewed below. Daydream Labs and Google Research show us how having a face in VR could make all the difference.

Get Creative with Tilt Brush for Oculus Touch Virtual reality (VR) enables users to not just enter virtual worlds but also design and create their own with a wide assortment of applications available depending on the headset. Google’s Tilt Brush is one of the most widely recognised having been

Samsung: Gear VR Headset With Controller Samsung Electronics is reportedly gearing up to roll out a new virtual reality headset that has a dedicated controller. According to a report, one of the knocks on Samsung’s current VR headset, the Gear VR, is that users can’t control it. Control

Winter walk Today was a weird day. It was kind of bad, I felt kind of unhappy, I just lied around a lot, but on the other hand it was kind of relaxed and nice too, I only had school for two hours, I watched a...

Stunning VR app Tilt Brush comes to Oculus today If you're asking that question, you've probably never tried Tilt Brush. We called it one of the most amazing things you could do with an HTC Vive headset, and today it's finally coming to the Oculus Rift as well.

Carbon Games Adding Oculus Touch and HTC Vive Support to AirMech: Command An original launch title for Oculus Rift, Carbon Games’ AirMech: Command enabled early adopters to engage in real-time strategy (RTS) multiplayer, and has now confirmed that expanded support will becoming to Oculus Touch and HTC Vive.

7 Lessons I Learned Making VR Games at Experiment 7 A small collection of best practices distilled from the past 4 years of making games with Experiment 7, Impeller Studios, and Autodesk.

Virtual Reality Gaming For Beginners! VR is the short form of Virtual Reality. In case you didn’t know what it means, now you know it. Don’t worry; it has been explained in details below. Now, what is it actually? VR is ver...

My visit to BETT 2017 One of the highlights in the eLearning calendar is the BETT show in London which happens in the last week of January every year. I usually try and send one of my team down each time to see what th...

Valve Boss: Vive VR Headset Does 'Marginally Adequate' Job The future of virtual reality may not be the HTC Vive, according to maker Gabe Newell. Video game developer Valve, in partnership with HTC, last year launched the Vive: an impressive but expensive...

The Virtual Arena: Jackpot! VR Slot Machines Photos, feedback and thoughts from Kevin Williams as he reports on the 23rd International Casino Expo (ICE) Total Gaming expo.

Top Five Industries That Offer Best VR Experiences VR is expanding, but which industries will be the ones that will pull in the biggest audience? We list five most expected candidates.

VR for fundraising: creating personal connections VR is a powerful medium and because it is new, people are eager to try it, writes Adrian Leu, chief executive of INITION...

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